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prepared by Vicky Hsu Student No. _______________ Name _________________________ Date _____________ Quiz 7: Kinds of Sentences Indicate the kind of sentence by writing the correct abbreviation in the blanks: S —simple; CP —compound; CX —complex; CC —compound-complex. CP 1. Traveling by train is better than traveling by airplane; for one thing, one can see the entire country from ground level. CC 2. My father, who is a professional golfer, plans to enter the U.S. Open competition; however, he doesn’t expect to win. CX 3. If couples decided to have fewer children, then the population growth in the United States would slow down. S 4. The Golden Gate Bridge is a triumph of modern engineering. CP 5. Both the Eagles and the ’76ers tried to win their championship games; however, the Phillies did win the World Series. CX 6. At a baseball game, grown men reminisce about the glory of playing baseball when they were children. CC 7. American children should learn foreign languages; if they did so, then, in another generation, Americans could gain a better understanding of foreign countries and cultures.
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