NPB 101 Midterm 1 Spring 2009

NPB 101 Midterm 1 Spring 2009 - NPB 101 Midterm 1 Spring...

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NPB 101 Midterm 1 Spring 2009 1) In smooth muscle, what process must occur before thick filament interact with thin filament? a) The myosin light chain is phosphorylisted b) The cell hyperpolarize c) Ca2+ binds to troponin d) The thin filament hydrolyzes ATP 2) In skeletal muscle, an action potential travel down a T-Tubule a) Activate the DHPR b) Activate Troponin c) Via gap junction d) Induces acetylcholine release e) Activate the SerCa pump 3) What Statement is about Reflex is True ? a) All reflex are unlearned response b) In a reflex loop, the response always counteract the stimulus c) All reflex loops require a central integrator d) All reflex cannot be voluntary over ridden e) All reflex is autonomic 4) What feature of the Auditory System allows discern the pitch of a sound? a) The AP frequency in the auditory nerve encode pitch b) Pitch is encode in the AP velocity in a auditory nerve c) Specific pitch maximally displaces certain region of the basil membrane d) Pitch is encoded by the hair cell depolarization amplitude 5) Your patient impaired procieption. After test, conclude his trouble arise from sensory afferent in the skin. Which neurons if worked improperly most likely induce its problem? a) Polymodal Nociceptor b) The Alpha motor neuron c) Ruffni ending d) Merkel discs e) None of the above 6) What is Major feature of Receptor Potential? a) In mechanoreceptor, its cause by Na+ leaving cell b) It’s actually an action potential c) It occurs in the presynaptic axon terminal d) Its magnitude is proportion to stimulus size
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7) Pick the True Statement about Visual System. a) Photoreceptors can fire AP b) The fovea primary filled with Rod c) Our brain is incapable of differentiating between signal and noise when present a visual stimulus d) Information from the right visual field of the left eye is process by the left visual cortex e) Off ganglion cell depolarize in light 8) Pick the True statement about Receptive field. a)
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NPB 101 Midterm 1 Spring 2009 - NPB 101 Midterm 1 Spring...

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