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Winston Churchill: The War Hero Sir Leonard Spencer Winston Churchill was one of those rare people who seemed to have been born for one important moment in history. He felt a sense of destiny in his life, such as a specific purpose that went beyond his own will. He worked hard so he would be ready when his great role revealed itself. For Churchill, it was the job of uniting his country and leading it through a long and cruel war that could otherwise have brought despair to Britain. Churchill began his life with plenty of privileges and opportunities any motivated young man could dream of. He was born November 30, 1874 in an enormous palace called Blenheim, in Oxfordshire, England. Already, the Churchills were one of the leading noble families of Britain. Winston’s father, Lord Randolph Churchill was a member of Parliament and the son of the Duke of Marlborough, who was Viceroy of Ireland. His mother, Jenny Churchill, was the daughter of a wealthy New York stockbroker, a member of the upper classes who spent some of her youth at the court of Napoleon III in Paris. 1 As a boy, Winston had just about anything he could want. He had rooms full of toys, of which the model soldiers were his favorite, attended the best schools, had fine clothes, and took many trips to Europe. All he did not have was parental affection. Jenny Churchill was only twenty when Winston was born and she was much more interested in her social life than in raising a child. He said later that throughout his whole childhood he only saw his mother as she was coming and going to parties. This surely hurt him, but the lack of interest and sometimes brutality from his father was more 1
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painful. 2 Randolph Churchill was devoted to his work and rarely paid any attention to his son except to criticize him. Throughout the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries, Churchill became very well-known. During the Boer Rebellion in 1898, he had been captured by the enemy, trying to save his fellow soldiers, then escaped and returned to England as a national hero. He wrote all about it and was elected into Parliament the next year at age twenty-six. He soon switched from the Conservative to the Liberal party because of disagreements on taxes. He later joined the cabinet and met a young woman at a dinner party named Clementine Hozier. They were married for sixty years and had four children. Churchill often said that winning Clementine was his greatest achievement. 3 As Germany began to move into various parts of Europe in the mid 1910s, Churchill began to see the Kaiser as a serious threat to peace. He was one of the first to warn Britain of that threat and was soon made Lord of the Admiralty, with the entire British navy at his command. Churchill directed the Navy with skill, although he was very frustrated at having to direct, when he preferred to be out on the field of action. At one point he even offered to resign his position as head of the admiralty so he could lead troops in Belgium. Churchill was one of the British officials who lobbied America to
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Winston_Churchill - Winston Churchill The War Hero Sir...

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