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Go_Ask_Alice - Go Ask Alice Book Review Go Ask Alice is...

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Go Ask Alice: Book Review Go Ask Alice is supposedly true writing of an unnamed girl, who is assumed to be to Alice, in her diaries of exploration as a runaway drug addict in the sixties. She is fifteen years old and comes from a middle class family that seems to care very much for her, though putting intense pressure on her to be perfect. Alice is lonely, struggling at school to be noticed by boys and make friends. She expresses great optimism, but slight sorrow when her family decides to move from her home to the place where she grew up. When at a new friend’s party, her drink is spiked with LSD and the downhill, alarming journey into malice begins. The book starts with young Alice writing on September 16 th about herself the day before being the “happiest person in the whole earth.” 1 As she continues writing, this day becomes the worst as her love interest, Roger, stood her up on a first date. She quickly gets over this when she is informed of the move and suddenly things begin to become much better for her. When they finally move, at the beginning of January, Alice found it little different than where she moved from and was sluggish to make friends, but within a few of months she made a couple. Alice considers Beth to be the “only best friend … since [she] was a very little girl.” 2 As school lets out at summer, they are split up as Beth goes to summer camp. She soon meets new friends that introduce her to drugs one night by putting LSD into her drink. At first Alice is ashamed, but intrigued, and soon can 1
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not wait until she can get high again. With the new friends that she has made, her life seems to have become much more interesting. It was little time before she experimented with other drugs that lead her to having sex for the first time and a whole new outlook on life. For a short while Alice thinks she may be pregnant, but that thought is eventually sojourned. Within a month of her first incident with drugs, she has become very acquainted with various others, including her family’s prescriptions. At the end of summer, Beth comes back from camp, “but she’s hardly the person,” and does not really associate with her. 3 Alice makes a new friend at a clothing boutique named Chris who introduces her to hearts. Chris is a very good friend to Alice, but because of her own drug problem, it is a hopeless relationship from the start.
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