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case $CONFIG in '') if test ! -f . ./; then (echo "Can't find . ./"; exit 1) fi 2>/dev/null . . ./ ;; esac case "$O" in */*) cd `expr X$0 : 'X\(.*\)/'` ;; esac echo "Compiling C code in C2" $spitshell >Makefile <<!GROK!THIS! INCLUDE_PATH = SHELL = /bin/sh CC = $cc CPP = $cpp CFLAGS = $wkoptimize $ccflags $large -DWORKBENCH -I"$rt_include" -I. \$ (INCLUDE_PATH) CPPFLAGS = $wkoptimize $cppflags $large -DWORKBENCH -I"$rt_include" -I. \$ (INCLUDE_PATH) LDFLAGS = $ldflags CCLDFLAGS = $ccldflags $windows_flags LDSHAREDFLAGS = $ldsharedflags EIFLIB = "$rt_lib/$prefix$wkeiflib$suffix" EIFTEMPLATES = $rt_templates LIBS = $libs MAKE = $make AR = $ar LD = $ld MKDEP = $mkdep \$(DPFLAGS) -- MV = $mv CP = $cp RANLIB = $ranlib RM = $rm -f FILE_EXIST = $file_exist RMDIR = $rmdir X2C = "$x2c" SHAREDLINK = $sharedlink SHAREDLIBS = $sharedlibs SHARED_SUFFIX = $shared_suffix COMMAND_MAKEFILE = START_TEST = $start_test END_TEST = $end_test CREATE_TEST = $create_test SYSTEM_IN_DYNAMIC_LIB = bank1$shared_suffix
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Unformatted text preview: !GROK!THIS! $spitshell &gt;&gt;Makefile &lt;&lt;'!NO!SUBS!' $ .SUFFIXES:.cpp .o . .c.o: $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $&lt; $ .cpp.o: $(CPP) $(CPPFLAGS) -c $&lt; $ OBJECTS = big_file_C2_c.obj O OLDOBJECTS = bi752.o bi752d.o so749.o so749d.o pa754.o pa754d.o tw751.o tw751d.o \ tw750.o tw750d.o so753.o so753d.o da747.o da747d.o da747f.o ti736.o \ ti736d.o ti736f.o da744.o da744d.o da744f.o da742.o da742d.o da742f.o \ ti740.o ti740d.o ti740f.o ab737.o ab737d.o ab737f.o da745.o da745d.o \ da745f.o da746.o da746d.o da746f.o fi743.o fi743d.o fi743f.o da738.o \ da738d.o da738f.o da741.o da741d.o da741f.o ti739.o ti739d.o ti739f.o \ in748.o in748d.o in748f.o i all: Cobj2.o a Cobj2.o: $(OBJECTS) Makefile $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) -r -o Cobj2.o $(OBJECTS) $(RM) $(OBJECTS) $(CREATE_TEST) $ clean: local_clean clobber: local_clobber c local_clean:: $(RM) core finished *.o $ local_clobber:: local_clean $(RM) Makefile $ !NO!SUBS! chmod 644 Makefile $eunicefix Makefile $...
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Makefile - !GROK!THIS! $spitshell...

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