1776 - enough money on the war o London thought that the...

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1776 o American Revolution Before the revolution People thought that being in the British Empire was good Strong sense of patriotism 1760’s o England pressured America economically and politically o Caused by success in 7 year war o Established a large army o Cost created a large debt o English increased taxes o Stamp and tea taxes o Taxes were created by the Parliament in England o Less than 20% of males in England could not vote during the 1700’s and 80% in America o Americans because of Locke thought that they were enslaved because of lack of representation o Increase desire for change of British Empire to a Federation o Franklin described north England and Ireland as below England o Americans believed that they had already spent
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Unformatted text preview: enough money on the war o London thought that the war was entirely for the colonies o England’s response Restricted assemblies Quartered troops Closed port of Boston o Ideas from Machiavelli about the benefits of a republic were published in America o Paine Published in 1776 Common Sense 150,000 copies in the first year Argued against that British constitution was not the best form of government Says that Kings were descendants of French Hereditary was ridiculous America didn’t have the decadence of England Called for redistribution of property o Wanted to be like Sparta- everyone has property o Property...
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1776 - enough money on the war o London thought that the...

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