Class - o If it doesn’t fit the idea then it is distorted...

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Class o Before industrial revolution people were supposed to enjoy the work of their parents o After- upper ward and downward mobility o Heredity Role in society Place in hierarchy o Consumption o Politics Consumption o Elites are consuming products from around the empire o Women become consumers Leninism o Class consciousness Women and Gender o Most work is gender based Freud o His reasoning is very circular
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Unformatted text preview: o If it doesn’t fit the idea then it is distorted o Women tend towards hysteria • Modernism o Emphasizes the forever new o Break with tradition o Emphasis on childhood o Use of the unconscious o Concern for form and technique o Multimedia o Irreverence for authority o Egotistic message o Cosmopolitism o Break with naturalism o Endless search for novelty o Breakdown in linear time...
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