1013out - MATH 1013 3.0 F2009 Section B APPLIED CALCULUS...

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MATH 1013 3.0 F2009 Section B APPLIED CALCULUS I (as of Sep 9, 2009) Calendar Description: The course deals mostly with differentiation. There is an introduction to integration. Topics include derivatives of algebraic and transcendental functions, indefinite integral, definite integral and its interpretation as an area. Prerequisite: Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) or MATH 1515 3.0 or equivalent. THIS IS ESSENTIAL, STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE THE PREREQUISITE MUST SEE THE INSTRUCTOR WITHIN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF TERM. Course Instructor: Professor Andrew Toms Office: Ross Building, South Wing, Room S619 Phone: 416.736.2100 ext. 33798 Email: [email protected] Lectures: MWF 08:30-9:20, CLH-A There are at least three Fall sections of the course taught by different professors. You are to attend the section in which you are enrolled, and you must write tests and assignments where enrolment if there is space in your desired section. You may do this only through the enrolment system . Background Tutorials: TBA Mathlab: Throughout F2009 Time TBA, Ross S525 Office Hours: MWF, 9:30-10:00 (following lecture) The instructor is available at these times for individual assistance and consultation. (Available at other times by appointment.) If you have problems with material, 1) Read the text, 2) Discuss with fellow students, 3) Seek help at the Math Lab, and 4) If you still have problems see your instructor. Grading: 3 term tests, 16.66% each = 50% Final exam = 50% Tentative dates for tests: Oct. 23, Nov. 11, and Dec. 2. Text: “Calculus 6E, Early Transcendentals'' by J. Stewart, Thomson Publishing Inc. York BookStore stocks a bundled version consisting of the text, Student Solution Manual, DVD, and Enhanced WebAssign
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(EWA). It is assumed that you own a copy, and that you will bring the text to class. Reference Books:
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1013out - MATH 1013 3.0 F2009 Section B APPLIED CALCULUS...

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