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Worksheet 6 key - C=O C=C O C-H(alkane C=O OH O-H(alcohol...

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Chemistry 118A Winter 2008 TA: Dani Solano Week 6: Infrared Spectroscopy Part A: Label the important peaks with the correct funtional groups in each of the following IR spectra. C-H (alkane) O-H (alcohol) C-H (alkyne) C C C-O O-H (acid) C-H (alkene) C-O C=O C=C
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Unformatted text preview: C=O C=C O C-H (alkane) C=O OH O-H (alcohol) C-H (alkane) C-H (alkane) NH 2 Part B: For each of the following spectra, circle the structure on the right that is most likely to match. O HO O O HO OH O OH OH O OH NH 2 O OH O NH 2...
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