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Course Syllabus BMGT 230 – Business Statistics Spring Semester 2010 Course Times and Room: MW, 9:30–10:45 am, VMH 1524 Instructor: Philip Gloor, Ph.D. Ofce: VMH 4348 Ofce Hrs: MW, 11:00–12:30, and F morning by appointment Ofce Phone: 301-405-9977 (Please use judiciously) e-mail: [email protected] (Please use judiciously) Course Description This is an introductory course in probability and statistics, including descriptive statistics, sta- tistical in±erence, basic probability, the properties o± discrete and continuous random variables, sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression, as well as the application o± these concepts to problem solving in business and management. Course Objectives We will study probabilistic and statistical concepts and methods through examples, motivated by real-li±e data ±rom business; we will stress the role that statistics plays in the managerial decision-making process. Three major goals o± the course are the ±ollowing. 1. Develop a comprehensive understanding o± how the techniques o± data summarization and probabilistic concepts can be combined to provide the structure ±or statistical in±erence. 2. Develop a comprehensive understanding o± the role o± statistical in±erence in today’s business environment. 3. Use statistical so±tware to ±acilitate the decision making process. Required Course Material The textbook ±or this course is Business Statistics for Contemporary Decision Making , 5 th ed., Ken Black, Wiley, 2008, ISBN 978-0471-78956-7. You can purchase a bound or unbound copy o± the book in the bookstore. I plan to cover most o± Chapters 1–10, 12, 14, and 15. When you purchase a new copy o± the book, bound or unbound, you should also obtain a code to WileyPLUS, an online suite o± resources ±or the course, including online home- work assignments that you will be required to complete throughout the semester; access to these resources is required ±or this course. Un±ortunately, this access does not accompany the purchase o± a used copy o± the book. I will say more about how to obtain access in class. You will also be required to purchase access to Minitab, a statistical so±tware pack- age; we will make extensive use o± Minitab throughout the semester. You can rent Minitab 15, the latest version o± the so±tware, ±or six months ±or $29.99 at the e-academy website english.htm. 1
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Course Website The course website is hosted in the Blackboard course environment; you may log into our course pages by going to the secure site A university LDAP ID and password are required to access Blackboard courses; for more information visit the secure site Please maintain your current email address in Testudo,
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BMGT230 syllabus - Course Syllabus BMGT 230 Business...

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