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Unformatted text preview: perl 的号 There's More Than One Way To Do It ) print sprintf "%b", hex $hex; 8 Spring, 2010 Spring, 2010 Functions working with HASH, 1 • Nevery call print %hash; since hash is orderless. • @key = sort keys %hash – foreach $key (sort keys %hash) {print $hash{$key};} • @key = keys %hash; @value = values %hash; • ($key, $val) = each(%hash) # less memory use each( ) returns once a pair, returns undef at last. 历遍哈希表 print "$key=$value\n" 环境变量在hash表%ENV中 while (($key,$value) = each %ENV); # never modify %hash inside the while each loop!!! TZ=BJT-8 PROCESSOR_REVISION=0806 NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS=1 USERPROFILE=C:\WINNT\Profiles\xfzhou TMPDIR=c:/temp COMPUTERNAME=N30 ... Q: how to access environment variables in C programs? 正则表达式 • 计算理论中的正则表达式 • UNIX中的正则表达式 • Perl的文本匹配和替换 9 13 Spring, 2010 Spring, 2010 Functions working with HASH, 2 • Remove one hash from hash table – 删除单个元素: delete $hash{$key};# remove whole pair – This is wrong: undef $hash {key}; #key still exists – 删除hash片断: delete @hash{key1, key2, key3…}; Try some Regular Expressions $a = 'dog catches cats.'; print $a =~ /cat/ ? 'Y ' : 'N '; # Match print $a =~ /^cat/ ? 'Y ' : 'N '; $a =~ s/cat|dog/pet/g; # Substitute print "\n$a\n"; $a =~ tr/a-z/za-y/; # Tra...
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