EE562aFinalFall08 - EE 562a Final Exam Name &...

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Unformatted text preview: EE 562a Final Exam Name & Location: 1 EE562a FINAL EXAM Wednesday, December 10, 2006, 11 AM (2 hours) VKC, Rooms 156 Open Book and Notes Special Instructions. Check to make sure that this exam contains 5 pages, including the cover page. Bring your own paper on which to work the exam. You can circle YES/NO answers on the exam. Put your name and your lecture-viewing location (on-campus or DEN location ) in the upper right corner. This exam is open book and open class notes. Calculators are permitted, but are not absolutely necessary for this exam. Cell phones, pagers, or other communication devices are NOT permitted. Please bring a photo ID to the exam. No conversation with exam proctors regarding the content of the exam is permitted. If you believe that there is an error on the exam, write down the circumstances, your assumptions, and continue as best you can. Read problems carefully. Solving the wrong problem could be costly. Answer formats: If for example a function of R ( ) is requested, then the notation R ( ) can be used in the answer. Otherwise, all substitutions and symbolic manipulations that lead to simplifications should be carried out to reach a final answer. Calculator evaluations of numerical answers are not necessary, e.g., / 3 is a satisfactory final answer form. DRAW A BOX AROUND YOUR FINAL ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION. Two distinct answers to the same question, appearing in a final answer box, will be equally weighted in grading. Absence of an answer box may result in no credit. Scoring: Each problem part is worth 10 points. Cheating will not be tolerated. The minimum penalty for even casual cheating is a failing grade of 0 on the exam. All instances of cheating will be handled according to university rules and will be reported to the Dean for Student Affairs. Problem Max Score Score 1. Distortion Basics 50 2. Discrete Baseband Simulation 50 3. A Basic Digital Sampling Oscilloscope 50 TOTAL SCORE 150 2 EE 562a Final Exam Name & Location: 1. Distortion Basics A random signal s ( u,t ) is the input to a linear time-invariant system having system function H (...
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EE562aFinalFall08 - EE 562a Final Exam Name &...

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