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My name is Keary Hoffman and I read ch. 10. Ch. 10 was about the meaning of the chair and how ergonomicists study how to design and arrange equipment so that people can use it effectively and safely. When we think of a chair, we think, something to sit in. But chairs actually play a part in expressing meaning. Imagine people who work at any executive building, what if they didn’t have chairs to sit in. people who Study office equipment and how it affects people’s ability to use it and do work are called ergonomicists. Theses researchers study many aspects of the workplace, including statuses of the place. non-ergonomic functional requirements such as size, stack ability, fold ability, weight, durability, stain resistance and artistic design are Intended for determining the desired seating position.A survey was done for a company of the world’s largest manufacturer of office furniture, in this survey discomfort reduced
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Unformatted text preview: their productivity a great deal. Most define comfort as good lighting, comfortable chair, a place to concentrate, and quiet. The use of seating to symbolize hierarchy in the office remains as a struggle because there is no true preference to what chairs distinguish as a work environment to workers, or office space to executives. Chairs have had to deal with the unwritten law of office status symbols, because a chair differentiates between workers, secretaries to their bosses. The writing style I believe was to be very informative. The reading gave a lot of information such as surveys, and quotes from British organizers of a modern chair. The authors word choice in this chapter, is very confusing in some parts for the audience he is presenting it to. The purpose of this reading was to inform who ever the audience was made for, about the history and development of the chair....
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