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IST 210 Ch.1-2 - 5 In this file structure many problems...

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Keary Hoffman IST 210 1. 4 and 1 2. If you sorted by city, the project numbers would mix up, and a way to fix this if you still wanted to sort by city was, put the project numbers in order by city. 3. Insert just their last name, instead of first and last, while keeping everything else the same. 4. Have the same name more than one time in the name list. It could cause data inconsistency.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. In this file structure many problems consist in all fields, some of them contain the same data, which will cause data inconsistency. 6. If it’s the same person, just use one phone number for them instead of repeating it. 7. Job code, Project name, and project number 8. What they are doing in the project, certain people have different jobs to the project....
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