Premartial Sex

Premartial Sex - Keary Hoffman Mrs. Marcinik Eng 15 2/14/10...

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Keary Hoffman Mrs. Marcinik Eng 15 2/14/10 Premarital Sex “A common question usually asked among teens and engaged couples is, “is it ok to have premarital sex?” (Worldview). Teenagers that are sexually active in the United States are a major problem we must further look into. A question that goes through the minds of many teenagers in the United States is when to have sex. The Catholic religion, teaches us to wait until one is in a love marriage to have sex. The church is teaching not only abstinence, but public schools are also teaching students on the advantages and disadvantages of abstinence. Premarital sex is expanding, and a key topic. Because of premarital sex, this usually causes sexually transmitted diseases being spread, increased teen pregnancy, and the feeling of regret. Sexually transmitted diseases increase in a people who try premarital sex, because of teens who have more than one sex partner. This is a result of STD's becoming more commonly found among the population. One reason of STD's is the misuse of so called, “protection”. Most teenagers think that condoms, or the pill stop the spread of herpes, AIDS, or any other transmitted diseases, but, they do not stop the spread, and the products do not say whether or not that they do stop the spread of STDs. “12 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases are
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diagnosed each year, three million of them among teenagers alone”(Mama Health). Many teenagers believe that there is nothing wrong in having premarital sex with many different people. With intercourse on the rise of being popular with high school students, and among the public, that more and more teenagers are having sex at a regular basis. “Seventy percent of these students say they were socially pressured into having sex.” (Evans). If society has the ability to pressure teens into having sex, society should use it to at least teach teens about the risks of
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Premartial Sex - Keary Hoffman Mrs. Marcinik Eng 15 2/14/10...

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