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GM591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior COURSE PROJECT RUBRIC* Criteria Failed to Meet Minimum Standards Met Minimum Standards Satisfactory Good Superior Introduction (10 points) Introduction is not apparent 0 Introduction is vague; Introduction is incomplete; lacks a focus. 3 Introduction reflects barely adequate information to acquaint reader to the problem context. 6 Contains a focus and provides sufficient detail to set the stage for the analysis but may contain extraneous information. 8 Introduction has a sharp, distinct focus; complete information 10 Problem Statement (20 points) No problem statement apparent 0 Problem statement is vague; does not agree with title of paper. 8 Presented mostly as symptoms of the problem; no research question 12 Presented as a disguised solution 16 Focused and concise. Includes a well crafted research question 20 Literature Review (50 points) None provided. 0 Too shallow; insufficient depth; provides review of only one source; does not cite sources properly; may include
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GM591_COURSE_PROJECT_RUBRIC[2]-1 - GM591: Leadership and...

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