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Unformatted text preview: Dear Fall 2008 Intermediate I accounting student, Welcome to ALEKS®! By using adaptive learning technology to provide individualized, guided learning, ALEKS® determines what you know and guides you to the topics you are ready to learn. Before you begin, you will need to register in the section of ALEKS® that has been set up for Fall 2008 students. In order to do so, you must have an access code. You are eligible for a department provided access code after failing to achieve a grade of 70% on the Intermediate Readiness Exam. Upon your request, Ms. Rebecca Foote will provide the necessary access code, purchased for you by the Department of Accounting, after verifying that you are enrolled in Intermediate I for Fall 2008 and your score on the entrance exam was less than 70%. To request an access code, please contact Ms. Foote at [email protected] To register with ALEKS®, follow these steps: 1. Go to http://www.aleks.com 2. On the upper left hand corner of the page, above the registered users’ log in block, Click “New User? SIGN UP NOW!” 3. Enter course code CDQ4U-NJG3G in the “Using ALEKS with a class?” box, as illustrated below: And then click “Continue.” 4. Again, click “Continue” when the following “Confirm Enrollment Information” screen appears: 5. Enter the access code provided by Ms. Foote and click “Continue.” 6. Enter your name and email address. 7. Review and accept the “ALEKS Terms of Service” agreement by checking the user agreement box and then clicking “Continue.” 8. At the end of the registration process, you will be given a login name and password. Please write down your login name and password for future reference. You may change the password. Once you register, you will be guided through a tutorial that will take approximately 10 minutes. This tutorial will help you to become familiar with the ALEKS software. After the tutorial, you will take an initial placement assessment. The assessment will create a precise understanding of your knowledge. Try to answer each question. If you do not know the answer, simply click “I don’t know,” which means that you will learn that item later in the learning mode. Once your placement assessment is complete, the “My Pie” report will show you precisely how much of each topic area you know and what you are ready to learn. You can navigate the pie chart to select topics to learn. Once you begin learning topics, ALEKS® will provide you with feedback on your answers and will inform you of how many times you need to correctly answer the item. If you need help with a problem, simply click on “Explain.” Once you see the solution, you can rework a similar problem that contains different variables. IMPORTANT NOTE Your assignment in ALEKS® is to take the initial assessment and work through the material provided to you until your pie chart is filled to 100%. There may be progress assessments along the way. Please take these progress assessments and continue working on the material provided, including any review that may be required following a new assessment. When you fill your pie chart to 100%, a completion assessment will be triggered due to your completion of the module contents. YOU MUST TAKE THE GOAL COMPLETION ASSESSMENT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. After you have taken the COMPLETION assessment, you will receive the results. Regardless of the results of the Goal Completion Assessment, your requirement for the ALEKS online learning module is satisfied, even if some of the pie is removed as a result of taking the Goal Completion Assessment. If you have any questions regarding successful completion, please contact Ms. Foote at [email protected] If you have questions on the ALEKS technology, please contact ALEKS customer support at [email protected] or call 714-619-7090. ...
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