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Falsifying Documents One example of Unethical Behavior By Amanda Roberts What happened to a hand shake sealing the deal? What happened to a man’s word is his bond? The world is not a nice place anymore because of the people in it. We tend to live our lives by the situation not the consequences of our actions. We don’t think about the next person and how our decisions affect them. Or is it that we just don’t care anymore as a society. We have no morals no Etiquette or class about ourselves or the things we choose to do or not do as a society. Sure we could make more laws that will just be broken, but until we change as a whole it isn’t going to do any good. When we have to ask our self if something is wrong … it usually is. Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is no middle ground here. Its either black or white the grey is just another color. We tend to believe if we do something wrong we can do so many things right and
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