pros and cons of capitalism

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Advantages of capitalism 1. Capitalism gives you the right to own your own land. 2. It gives you the right to own our own business. 3. We have a better standard of living because of capitalism. 4. Capitalism gives anyone the chance to succeed fiancially. If they work hard enough. 5. Capitalism enhances innovation. Disadvantages of capitalism 1. Capitalism has no compassion towards those who cannot or will not keep up with the fast changing times. 2. The poor and uneducated become poorer. That is why we have so many homeless people. 3. Capitalism breeds greed and can affect peoples actions. 4. Growing social and economic inequality
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Unformatted text preview: 5. We have an increase in all kinds of economic crimes, with people trying to acquire money illegally. 6. We have a poor healthcare system. Part Three First off we need to learn better morals and values. Alot of these problems are due to our own actions. People need to treat others like they would like to be treated. Poor people that live in a sot country might reject capitalism because they work less hours, get longer vacations and more employee benifits. Also their government gives them a free education even through college, free health care, and child care....
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