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union labor issues notes

Understanding Business

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In the late 19 th century business owners began to trade skilled workers for machinery and immigrants flooding the country willing to work for lower wages. Women and children and some men worked in unsafe factories every day for pennies a day. These conditions forced them to find a way to better the situation. They found that bargaining as a group was much better than just one trying to get something done. This is where labor unions started. As time has gone by the unions have changed as all things do. Without change we would not have progress. With these labor unions pay rates increased, workers began getting better benefits and safer working conditions.
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Unformatted text preview: Some people think that we do not need labor unions any more. One of the debated issues are sweatshops that and that there is a decline in them. Yes I agree but I also believe that if not for the unions there would be no decline. Sweatshops are still alive not only in other countries but in this one as well. Pros Better pay, benefits and work conditions Keeps employees from being fired unfairly Unions provide training for employees Job security Cons Union dues Not being able to transfer pensions from one union labor to another (once a teamster always a teamster)...
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