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Foundations of Developmental Psychology Psychology 2500 B Winter 2010 Instructor: Kim O’Neil E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays 11:30 – 12:30 Office Location : A533 Loeb Class Time: Tuesday and Thursday 4:05 – 5:25 p.m. Class Location: Southam Hall Teaching Assistant : TBA Required Textbook: Children and Their Development, 1 st Course Description: This course provides an introduction to child development, from conception to adolescence. The course will cover basic concepts and theories of child growth and development. We will examine biological processes, cognitive and socio-emotional development. Particular attention will be paid to the social contexts of development (e.g. family, peers) and the cultural contexts of development. Course Requirements: There will be two midterm exams worth 30% each and one final exam worth 40%. The exams will not be cumulative. Each exam will consist of multiple choice questions. For each of the exams, you will be responsible for all material covered in specified areas of the text and in the lectures. Exams Please bring at least one soft lead pencil (HB), an eraser, and some identification to each exam. Illness and bereavement (with supporting documentation) will be the only excuses accepted for missed exams. If you miss the mid-term exam please obtain the appropriate documentation, and contact the TA immediately to schedule a make-up exam. The make-up exam must be written within 7 days of the original exam. If you miss the final exam, you must apply to write a deferred exam (with appropriate documentation) to the Registerial Services within the time period specified in the current Undergraduate Calendar. Supplemental/grade-raising exams are not offered in this course. Carleton University accommodates students, who by reason of religious obligation, must miss an examination, test or assignment deadline. You must provide sufficient notice (minimum 2 weeks) if you will need such accommodation.
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Grades Grades are normally made available within two weeks of the exams. Midterm and final exam results
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DevelomentalCourseOUltineWinter20100 (1) - Foundations of...

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