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Practice activity. Brain structure-function relations

Practice activity. Brain structure-function relations - his...

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C ASE S TUDIES : N EUROANATOMY A CTIVITY Use your knowledge of the anatomy (structure) and workings (function) of the brain to describe what brain areas are particularly stimulated and how this brain activation relates to the behavior described in the scenarios below. Given that the people involved are alive, a multitude of brain structures are operating; select the brain areas that are activated more than normal in these individuals. 1. Anne the landscape artist is standing at her easel, painting with her right hand as she looks out the window at her garden. She’s listening to classical music as she paints. 2. Crazy Eddie, the professional wrestler, is in the ring wrestling. The crowd is yelling and
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Unformatted text preview: his opponent is taunting him. Eddie yells back at his opponent. The two of them are out of breath and sweating profusely. They continue their well-orchestrated series of wrestling moves. 3. Jill is a law student studying for her exam. She is reading about violent rape and murder cases. She is snacking on popcorn and drinking coffee. Adapted with permission from: Sheldon, J.P (2000) “A Neuroanatomy Teaching Activity Using Case Studies and Collaboration,” in Teaching of Psychology, 27 , pp. 126–128, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc....
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