English 161 Syllabus & Schedule -...

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English 161: Academic Writing II: Writing for Inquiry and Research                                                   Taking Issue: Writing Analytically about Ethics and Politics                          University of Illinois at Chicago, Winter/Spring 2010                          Instructor: William Ford                          Section 14401 / TR 11:00-12:15 / SH 211 (Stevenson Hall) Office: UH 1801                                         Section 26882 / TR 12:30-  1:45 / SH 120 (Stevenson Hall)                                                                      Section 14445 / TR   3:30-  4:45 /BSB 113 (Behavioral Sci.)  Telephone: English Dept. 312-413-2200 (leave message)                          Office Hours: TR 1:45-3:15                      Office              312-413-2242                                                                                TR 4:45-6:15  English Department: UH 2027 (University Hall)                                   (preferably by appointment) Electronic Mail: wford2@uic.edu                                                   SCHEDULE--WINTER 2010:  Written Assignments, Readings, Lectures, Discussions, Work-shops,  Presentations.  WC = The Writer's Companion MS = Making Sense TE = Teach   Yourself Ethics FR     =    Attacking Faulty Reasoning     . Expect changes: additions, subtractions, and/or rearrangements.     Week 1       /    January 12th and 14th     :     Tuesday    Prelude:  Syllabus: Texts, Course Objectives, Inquiry, Course Work, Policies, Sched-     ule.  Lecture:  Course Rationale: Three Parallel Tracks (Philosophy, Analysis, Rhetoric); Pre-    view of Ethics/Politics Topic: Branches of Philosophy, Philosophical and Ethical Traditions,    Introduction to the Political Spectrum in the United States of America: the range of opinion.        Thursday    Due :   Personal Essay  (2 pp./your best prose) about your background or interest in     Philosophy, Ethics, Politics. What ethical (moral) or political questions most interest (concern,    bother) you? Describe your experience (if any) writing research papers: your strengths, weak-    nesses, questions, problems.  Reading: TE  Table of Contents and Introduction, pp.1-16;  MS      Table of Contents and Introduction, pp.3-14;  FR  Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction,
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This note was uploaded on 04/04/2010 for the course ENGL 161 taught by Professor W.ford during the Spring '10 term at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

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English 161 Syllabus & Schedule -...

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