English 161 Political Attitudes Rev

English 161 - English161/TakingIssue: : PoliticalParties

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English 161 /  Taking Issue: Writing Analytically about Ethics and Politics General Analysis of the Political Spectrum:  Tendencies of Thought on the Left and Right Political Parties Democrats     Republicans     Progressives     Libertarians     Greens     Socialist Workers Communist  Ad Hoc Third Parties     Single Issue Parties     Other Parties? Forms of Government Authoritarian:      Monarchy     Dictatorship     Oligarchy     Military Junta     Plutocracy                                 Theocracy      Totalitarianism                                  [     Fascism     National Socialism (Nazism)     Communism (as practiced)    ]  Non-Authoritarian:      Direct Democracy     Representative Democracy
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English 161 - English161/TakingIssue: : PoliticalParties

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