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Exam 2 Review Topics Definitions of acids and bases o Arrhenius o Bronsted-Lowry o Lewis Strengths of acids and bases o How to rank strengths o List “strong” acids and bases Recognize conjugate acids and bases o Strengths of conjugate acids and bases Oxyacids Autoionization of water o Relationships involving K w Amphoteric o Determining pH of amphoteric species in solution Ka vs. pKa Formal concentration Determine pH of a strong acid or base
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Unformatted text preview: Relationship between pH and pOH Determine pH of a weak acid or base Salts of acids and bases Percent ionization/dissociation o Fraction of dissociation/ionization Polyprotic acids and bases o Determining dominant species o Determining pH o Determining concentrations of individual species Charge balance Mass balance Very dilute acid solutions...
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