Reverse bias applies voltage to n region and voltage

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Unformatted text preview: ial” or voltage across the silicon changes in the depletion region and goes from + in the n region to – in the p region Biasing the P-N Diode Biasing THINK OF THE DIODE AS A SWITCH Forward Bias Applies - voltage to the n region and + voltage to the p region CURRENT! Reverse Bias Applies + voltage to n region and – voltage to p region NO CURRENT P-N Junction – Reverse Bias P-N s s s s positive voltage placed on n-type material electrons in n-type move closer to positive terminal, holes electrons in p-type move closer to negative terminal in width of depletion region increases allowed current is essentially zero (small “drift” current) P-N Junction – Forward Bias P-N s s s s positive voltage placed on p-type material holes in p-type move away from positive terminal, electrons in ntype move further from negative terminal depletion region becomes smaller - resistance of device decreases voltage increased until critical voltage is reached, depletion region voltage disappears, current can flow freely disappears, P-N Junction - V-I characteristics P-N Voltage-Current relationship for a p-n junction (diode) Voltag...
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