Neighbors which lie at the corners of the neighbors

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Unformatted text preview: equidistant nearest neighbors which lie at the corners of the neighbors tetrahedron tetrahedron What’s so special about Silicon? What’s Cheap and abundant Amazing mechanical, chemical and electronic properties The material is very well-known to mankind SiO2: sand, glass Si is column IV of the periodic table Similar to the carbon (C) and the germanium (Ge) Has 3s² and 3p² valence electrons Nature of Intrinsic Silicon Nature s s Silicon that is free of doping impurities is called Silicon intrinsic intrinsic Silicon has a valence of 4 and forms covalent Silicon bonds with four other neighboring silicon atoms bonds silicon Semiconductor Crystalline Structure Semiconductor s s s Semiconductors have a regular Semiconductors crystalline structure crystalline – for monocrystal, extends for through entire structure through – for polycrystal, structure is for interrupted at irregular boundaries boundaries Monocrystal has uniform 3dimensional structure Atoms occupy fixed positions Atoms relative to one another, but relative are in constant vibration about are equilibrium equilibrium Semiconductor Crystalline Structure Semiconductor s s Silicon atoms have 4 Silicon electrons in outer shell electrons – inner electrons are very inner closely bound to atom closely These electrons are shared These with neighbor atoms on both sides to “fill” the shell both – resulting structure is resulting very stable very – electrons are fairly electrons tightly bound tightly » no ...
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