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EE3 FAQ UCLA Winter 2010 Quarter Who is teaching this course? Prof. Briggs is teaching the course. We are fortunate to have attracted the interest of Prof. Asad Abidi, who will be augmenting the course lectures from time to time, and conducting one of the units to be taught. What are your office hours? I will be available Fridays from noon to the start of class. UPDATE: Location is Engrg IV 66-127C (most likely), or possibly Engrg IV 44-110. One or the other. Why are you taking this course? To give you an intro to EE To give you a preview of your EE time at UCLA To show you some interesting aspects of EE What's covered in this course? There are 6 modules: Basic devices and circuits Logic and computers Semiconductor devices and circuits Energy Engineering Systems Wireless Communications Will there be tests? This is a P/F course, but there will be some quizzes to measure comprehension. We will take you through a design study to show you what a design engineer
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Unformatted text preview: does. There may be questions on that activity. • What will be the class format? • Mostly, they will be lectures on the 6 modules. • We may have one or two guest lecturers. • The design study will be part of the class sessions. • I will be giving suggested reading assignments on many topics that will show the breadth of EE. • What should I keep in mind about this class? • This is a serious class that discusses serious ideas. • It will help you see that EE is one of the most relevant technologies in most human endeavors today. • It will become apparent that as an EE you will be in a position to offer great benefit to society. • This is an elementary course, so some of you may have seen some of these ideas before. Do not grow impatient; we will cover topics that are new to you. • EE can be a very rewarding career....
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3_1_FAQ_Update - does There may be questions on that...

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