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3_1_Plasma Probes Pulp Photonics.com - Photonics.com...

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Wednesday16/Sep/2009 6:52 PM Photonics.com Printer Friendly View Page 1 of 2 advertisement from photonics.com: 08/31/2009 http://www.photonics.com/Content/ReadArticle.aspx?ArticleID=39622 Plasma Probes Pulp Painlessly LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31, 2009 -- For some, nothing is more intimidating than a visit to the dentist's office, especially when the appointment is for a root canal. The process is painful and can be a drawn-out experience. Cold plasma emitted from a dental probe disinfects saliva-derived biofilm on an extracted human tooth. When the tooth is placed 5 mm below the tubular device nozzle for 5 min, 99.99 percent of the biofilm within the root canal is removed. (Images courtesy of Dr. Chunqi Jiang) A routine root canal procedure, or endodontic treatment, involves drilling a hole inside the canal of a tooth to reach infected pulp tissue - where nerve fibers, veins and connective tissue are located. The diseased pulp is removed from the canal, leaving an empty cavity, which, after extensive cleaning with liquid antibiotics, is filled with a flexible plastic material called gutta-percha and then crowned. However, completely disinfecting a root canal can require two or three return visits to the dentist's office. To reduce the process to one visit, Dr.
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3_1_Plasma Probes Pulp Photonics.com - Photonics.com...

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