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Page 1 of 1 EE101 Engineering Electromagnetics Winter 2010 1/6/10 Homework #1 Due: Wednesday Jan 13 2:00 PM Hand in to the TA at beginning of class. No late homework is accepted (see grading policy posted on web). If you cannot make it to class, you must slip the HW under my door before the due time. Problem #1 (10 points) Ulaby 3.41 Problem #2 (10 points) Ulaby 3.45 Problem #3 (10 points) Ulaby 3.48 Problem #4 (20 points) Show that ( ) 0   F where F ( x,y,z ) is an vector function, Assume that mixed second order partial derivatives are independent of the order of differentiation. For example 22 xx FF x y y x      . Problem #5 (30 points) A metal sphere of radius R 1 , carrying charge Q , is surrounded by a thick concentric metal shell (inner radius a , outer radius b ). The shell carries no net charge. (a) Find the surface charge density s at R 1 , at a , and at b . Make a rough sketch.
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