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Page 1 of 2 EE101 Engineering Electromagnetics Winter 2010 2/9/10 Homework #5 Due: Wednesday Feb 17 2:00 PM Hand in to the TA at beginning of class. No late homework is accepted (see grading policy posted on web). If you cannot make it to class, you must slip the HW under my door before the due time. Problem #1 (40 points) Image Theory for Magnetic Field In this problem, we wish to use image theory to consider an AC current ˆ I Iz flowing in a wire of radius a above a perfectly conducting ground plane at distance d ( a d ). This is shown, along with the B-field, in the Figure below. For the DC case, conductors have no magnetic properties, and the magnetic field would extend through the ground plane as if it wasn’t there (even for an excellent conductor like copper). However, in a perfect conductor (such as a superconductor), changing magnetic fields induce eddy currents in the metal according to Faraday’s Law which result in B-field being zero inside the metal. Therefore, the following boundary conditions hold
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20101ee101_1_HW5_2 - EE101 Homework#5 Engineering...

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