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Page 1 of 1 EE101 Engineering Electromagnetics Winter 2010 2/24/10 Homework #7 Due: Wednesday March 3 2:00 PM Hand in to the TA at beginning of class. No late homework is accepted (see grading policy posted on web). If you cannot make it to class, you must slip the HW under my door before the due time. Problem #1 (25 points) (a) Consider the following transmission line with the reactance X 1 placed across the input. It is being driven with a frequency ω such that the length of the line is λ/4. What values of the source (generator) resistance R
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Unformatted text preview: g and X1 are required to maximize the power delivered to the load? (b) What is the time averaged power dissipated in the load? (c) Assume that the frequency is doubled. What is the length of the line (in terms of λ)? Repeat part (a) for this new frequency. (d) Repeat part (b) for this new frequency. Problem #2 (10 points) Ulaby 2.4 Problem #3 (10 points) Ulaby 2.6 Problem #4 (10 points) Ulaby 2.13 Problem #5 (10 points) Ulaby 2.18 Problem #6 (10 points) Ulaby 2.20 Problem #7 (15 points) Ulaby 2.23 Problem #8 (10 points) Ulaby 2.25...
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