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Page 1 of 1 EE101 Engineering Electromagnetics Winter 2010 3/3/10 Homework #8 Due: Friday March 12 2:00 PM Hand in to my office before 2:00 PM. Problem #1 (25 points) (a) Consider the following transmission line with the reactance X 1 placed across the input. It is being driven with a frequency ω such that the length of the line is λ/4. The generator impedance is Z g =R g = 100 Ω. What values of the reactance X 1 are required to maximize the power delivered to the load?
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Unformatted text preview: (b) What is the time averaged power dissipated in the load? Problem #1 (10 points) Ulaby 2.32 Problem #2 (10 points) Ulaby 2.35 Problem #3 (10 points) Ulaby 2.37 Problem #4 (10 points) Ulaby 2.44 Problem #5 (10 points) Ulaby 2.45 Problem #6 (10 points) Ulaby 2.47 Problem #7 (10 points) Ulaby 8.9 (FYI: this technique is used to create antireflective coatings on lenses and optical windows to prevent reflections)...
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