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EE357Unit4a_ColdfireISA_Notes - Instruction Set...

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E 357 Unit 4a EE 357 Unit 4a Instruction Set Architecture © Mark Redekopp, All rights reserved struction Set Architecture (ISA) Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) • Defines the software interface of the computer system py • Instruction set is the ______________ that the HW can understand and that SW is composed with • 2 approaches – CISC = Complex instruction set computer _________________ – RISC = Reduced instruction set computer _________________ © Mark Redekopp, All rights reserved ISC & CISC Comparison RISC & CISC Comparison • Which is better? – Exec. Time of a Program = Time to do all operations/work = Time – With CISC: (Work/Instruc.) = while (Time / Instruc.) – With RISC: (Work/Instruc) = while (Time / Instruc.) • _____________________ better, though most computers at the HW level implement ______-style structions because operations per © Mark Redekopp, All rights reserved instructions because ________ operations per instruction makes the HW _____________. omputer Organization Overview Computer Organization Overview processor has to… A processor has to… – Read instructions from memory – Read necessary data into registers • Fast storage locations inside the processor used to store values as the processor operates on them erform operations on the data Mem. – Perform operations on the data – Write data back to memory or I/O device Proc. Inst. A D ... Inst. 00 Data 01 C8 Reg. Reg. Reg. © Mark Redekopp, All rights reserved Data ALU C9 ...
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omponents of an ISA Components of an ISA 1. __________________________ 2. Which instructions does the processor support UBtract struc vs EGate ADD strucs SUBtract instruc. vs. NEGate + ADD instrucs.
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EE357Unit4a_ColdfireISA_Notes - Instruction Set...

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