10-402-HH Project

10-402-HH Project - BME 402, Hodgkin-Huxley Project Due 5...

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BME 402, Hodgkin-Huxley Project Due 5 pm, Friday 3/12/10 Experiments on the Hodgkin-Huxley model of the AP The project builds on the voltage-clamp experiment of Homework 3. Conceptually, moving from voltage clamp to current clamp is like adding a new column to your spreadsheet for I, the current injection. This will be your input variable instead of using voltage like we did in class. Then you would replace the voltage column with a formula instead of a constant. What formula? The forward Euler update rule for voltage, gotten by writing KCL for the full circuit including a current source and solving for dV/dt (see below). In that way, the voltage will be updating at each step along with the other 3 variables n, m, and h. Use the following values: R m = 25,000 Ω cm 2 , C m = 1 μ F/cm 2 , gNabar = 120 ms/cm 2 , gKbar = 32 mS/cm 2 , E K = -90mV, E Na = +55mV, E leak = -65 mV. For simplicity you can model a cell with a 1 cm 2 membrane area. Remember that 1 sec = 1 Ω F. [A hint on units. Your numbers will come out trouble free if you use the following set of intercompatible units: mV (milli-volts), μS (micro-siemens), nA (nano-amps), ms (milli-seconds), and nF (nano-farads). All the current terms in your main voltage equation (from KCL) should then end up in nA, but you would do well to verify this.] 1. (a) Convert the excel version of the HH spreadsheet we did in class to Matlab code. Having the excel version will make it easier to debug your code since you know what
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10-402-HH Project - BME 402, Hodgkin-Huxley Project Due 5...

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