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EE338 Physical Electronics Homework Assignment #1 Prof. Steve Cronin Due Jan. 21, 2010 Crystal Structure: 1.) GaAs has the zincblende crystal structure. It has a lattice constant of 0.565 nm. Determine the number of Ga and As atoms per cm 3 in the material. Ge has the diamond crystal structure and has the same lattice constant as GaAs. Determine the number of Ge atoms per cm 3 . 2.) What is the distance (center to center) between nearest Ge atoms? What is the number density of Ge atoms? What is the mass density (grams/cm 3 ) of crystalline Ge? 3.) A material consists of two atoms, A and B, that have effective radii, 0.21nm and 0.18nm, respectively. The lattice of the material is a bcc with atom A at the corners and atom B in the center. Assuming that the atoms are hard spheres and that the crystal structure is formed when the atoms that can touch one another are
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Unformatted text preview: touching, what is the lattice constant and the volume densities of atoms A and B. If the crystal is formed with atoms B at the corners and atom A at the center, what is the lattice constant and what are the atom densities of atoms A and B? 4.) Consider the (100), (110), and (111) planes of Si. Which plane has the highest surface density of atoms? Which has the smallest surface density? What are those two densities? 5.) Consider the three dimensional simple cubic lattice with a lattice constant a o . a.) Sketch the following planes: (100), (130), (230). b.) Sketch the following directions in the lattice: [110], [311], [123]. c.) What is the distance between nearest (111) planes? 6.) Determine the angle between tetrahedral bonds in Si....
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