Med-4800-XP - MED-4800 Series Color Masterbatches for...

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MED-4800-X 13 October 2009 MED-4800 Series Color Masterbatches for Liquid Silicone Elastomers Description A series of color masterbatches consisting of pigments dispersed in a vinyldimethyl- terminated polydimethylsiloxane polymer Consistency of a low viscosity paste Supported by USP Class VI and ISO 10993 Biological testing (reference Biological Testing Data Table) For easy and more precise pigmentation of LSR and low consistency materials, which may be injection molded Eliminates use of powders that may contaminate clean room environments Reduces production time Strict quality controls ensure color consistency Homogeneity of masterbatch minimizes agglomerates Typical Properties Result TEST REFERENCE NT-TM Appearance MED-4800-1 White D2090 002 MED-4800-2 Black D2090 002 MED-4800-3 Red D2090 002 MED-4800-4 Orange D2090 002 MED-4800-5 Yellow D2090 002 MED-4800-6 Green D2090 002 MED-4800-7 Dark Blue D2090 002 MED1-4800-7 Blue D2090 002 MED50-4800-1 Translucent White D2090 002 MED50-4800-2 Translucent Black D2090 002 MED50-4800-3 Translucent Red D2090 002 MED50-4800-4 Translucent Orange D2090 002 MED50-4800-5 Translucent Yellow D2090 002 MED50-4800-6 Translucent Green D2090 002 MED50-4800-7 Translucent Dark Blue D2090 002 MED51-4800-7 Translucent Blue D2090 002 Cytotoxicity (Mixed and cured with NuSil Technology MED series HCR) Pass - 061 Properties tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Do not use the typical properties shown in this technical profile as a basis for preparing specifications. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications. Instructions for Use
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Med-4800-XP - MED-4800 Series Color Masterbatches for...

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