Assigment-final project gen 105

Assigment-final project gen 105 - When choosing an specific...

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When choosing an specific field in which you have research and feel thats the right one for you;  familiarize yourself with the resources available to you. Step one, is finding a reputable and recognizable school that will allow you to study at a covenant time. Once you have taken this step now than now you are ready to take the first step for your fu- ture. To me the best choice that I took was choosing the Axia College because it had all of the requirements that I specifically needed. Axia  educational support team will help you  in any questions or needs that you may have. The team consists of: An Enrollment Counselor,  an Academic Counselor, a Financial Aid Counselor, and a Technical Support Team. Your Enroll- ment Counselor will work with you before beginning your first class, making sure you are pre- pared to begin your study. your Academic counselor will call you to see how are you doing in  class and if you are having any problems with one of your classes. Financial Aid will guide you  throughout your application so that everything comes out to perfection and they are flexible an- swering all of your question. The Technical support team runs for 24hrs a day so if you have dif- ficulty with one of your classes they are there to help you. One of my favorites site is the Library, 
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Assigment-final project gen 105 - When choosing an specific...

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