intro to anthropology greetings

intro to anthropology greetings - Ike Brochu Into to...

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Unformatted text preview: Ike Brochu Into to Anthropology January 20, 2010 Upon viewing the Samoan ceremony, its clear that there is an announcer/narrator of the ceremony. He, to me, is the one sitting cross-legged on the ground with a sing-songy authoritative and grand voice. Also, another individual was passing the Kava (which appeared to be a drink) to three or four gentlemen sitting on the opposite side of the room. By the way of the distribution there seemed to have been discussion or concerns about who would receive the Kava first. It was apparent by the behavior of the individual handing it out that this was some type of purposeful ritual of handing it out to the individuals. The individuals on the right hand side of the screen seemed to be more modernly dressed than those who were conducting the ceremony. In my opinion, neither party looks or sounds like they are out of place. It is apparent that this is a common ceremony due to the lack of formalities that one would expect with a formal celebration. I would have expected more rehearsed actions where as this was more of a social gathering. For the verbal interaction, there was a main announcer of the ceremony and then there was the interaction of...
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intro to anthropology greetings - Ike Brochu Into to...

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