HILD 10 Final Study Guide

HILD 10 Final Study Guide - HILD 10 Study guide for final...

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HILD 10 Study guide for final examination. FINAL VERSION. A. Exam for everyone. Content: The final will look more or less like the midterm, but longer, and the essays must be better structured. There will be a little choice among essay questions, not much. The date part will be the same as on the midterm. Be ready to label on the map the three countries, draw in and label the two main rivers in China, where Buddhism came from, the location of the Han capital, and the region of China that drove the commercial revolution. Since we have spent the last five weeks reading primary sources, you will not pass unless you refer to specific documents by author, title, and date or period, and explain and draw on them in answering the questions. You do not have to know every single document, but select enough to answer the questions below and have something to say about them. These study questions (one for each day of class, more or less) will prepare you for the exam, but the exam questions will not be exactly like them. a. What are some historical ways of understanding myths about the earliest times (Tangun, Amaterasu and Susano-o, Emperor Jimmu’s expedition, Yao & Shun, maybe Lord Millet)? b. What are the earliest writings we have for each of the three countries? c. When and why was the Mandate of Heaven ideology invented? The Mandate of Heaven means that Heaven selects a virtuous man to rule. The king has to listen to the people around him, do the proper sacrifices, and look after his people. But when the king becomes wicked or too extravagant, then the people have the right to rebel and replace him with another virtuous man. This concept was invented by the Zhou after they had conquered the Shang. They needed something to legitimize their right to rule and also they needed something to
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HILD 10 Final Study Guide - HILD 10 Study guide for final...

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