Quiz3-10amA.tst - Physics 1A, Quiz #3, 10 am class Before...

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Physics 1A, Quiz #3, 10 am class Before starting to answer questions bubble in your student ID# and test version number (A,B,C, or D on the bottom of this quiz page on your scantron form. If you do not bubble in this info your quiz will not be graded. For numeric answers two significant digits is enough. More digits is also ok. A small range of answers near the correct answer will be accepted. Use scientific notation (with "E" to indicate a power of ten) when needed. Note, however, that 3.1E-2 and 0.031 will be accepted as the same answer. Mark a minus sign when needed to indicate a negative value. DO NOT TO FORGET TO MARK "." (decimal points) and "E" (when using scientific notation) on scantrons Name___________________________________ Turn in this test form with your scantron form and also have your ID card out and ready to be checked. Using notes or books, or calculators which store notes or formulas is not allowed. Talking or looking at other students' tests is not allowed. 1) Which of the following four statements is NOT true about mass-spring systems A) A stiffer spring has a higher spring constant k B) The spring force is in a direction opposite the displacement from the unstretched/uncompressed position C) The stiffer the spring in a mass-spring system the slower the oscillation
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This note was uploaded on 04/04/2010 for the course PHYS 1A PHYS 1A taught by Professor Smith during the Fall '10 term at UCSD.

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Quiz3-10amA.tst - Physics 1A, Quiz #3, 10 am class Before...

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