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MCB164 MT2 S04 key

MCB164 MT2 S04 key - Name_KEY MCB164 Spring 2004 Page 1 of...

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Name_________KEY______________________ MCB164 Spring 2004 Page of 6 1 ID #__________key______________________ SECOND MIDTERM May 17, 2004 Question Points Score 1 18 2 8 3 4 4 8 5 10 6 15 7 10 8 12 9 15 Total 100 v This examination is closed book. v There are 6 pages to the exam. Please count them before you start to make sure all are present . v Please write your name on each page of the exam . v Answer each question in the space provided. If additional space is required use the back of the page and indicate clearly that you continued your answer on the back. Do not attach additional pages. v GOOD LUCK! Student authorization: I authorize the instructor to return the graded exam to me in the main office or to distribute it in the bin for me to pick up. Signature _____________________________ Date_____________________
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Name_________KEY______________________ MCB164 Spring 2004 Page of 6 2 1. (18 points) Mark the following statements as being either T (True) or F (False). ___T___ Cohesins linking the centromeric regions of chromosomes are released at anaphase II of meiosis. ___F___Cohesins form a ladder-like structure between sister chromatids within a bivalent while the synaptonemal complex forms a ring-like structure that encircles the two homolog axes. ___F____ About 30 crossovers distributed randomly along 20 chromosome pairs in mouse is sufficient to ensure about 1.5 crossovers/bivalent. ___T____Fertilization of a mouse oocyte by a sperm occurs prior to the second meiotic chromosome division. ___T____Meiosis in males of mice, Drosophila and C. elegans gives rise to four haploid spermatocytes for each 2n progenetor cell while meiosis in the female sex of these species gives rise to only one egg cell for each 2n progenetor cell. ___T___ A disomic oocyte arising from a MI nondisjunction event would contain one paternal- and one maternal-derived chromosome 2. (8 points) Describe two ways in which telomeres contribute to genomic stability. Telomeres are sequences “added” on to the ends of chromosomses. They prevent loss of DNA sequences from DNA replication by providing a template for lagging strand synthesis of the chromosome ends thereby solving the “end replication” problem. Thus they prevent chromosomes
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