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MCB164 S08 MT 04 29 08 KEY - Name MCB164 Spring 2008 Page 1...

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Name_______________________________ MCB164 Spring 2008 Page of 8 1 ID #__________KEY______________________ MIDTERM April 29, 2008 Question Points Score 1 24 2 16 3 20 4 22 5 16 6 22 7 16 8 14 Total 150 This examination is closed book. There are 8 pages to the exam. Please count them before you start to make sure all are present . Please write your name on each page of the exam . Answer each question in the space provided. If additional space is required use the back of the page and indicate clearly that you continued your answer on the back. Do not attach additional pages. GOOD LUCK! Student authorization: I authorize the instructor to return the graded exam to me in the main office or to distribute it in the bin for me to pick up. Signature _____________________________ Date_____________________
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Page of 8 2 1. (24) Circle all model organisms that apply to the following statements: ( Sc Saccaromyces cerevisiae; Ce- Caenohabditis elegans; Dm- Drosophila melanogaster ) Sc Ce Dm none Well suited for forward genetic screens using ethylmethanesulfonate (EMS) mutagenesis Sc Ce Dm none RNAi is often used to generate a gain-of-function phenocopy of a gene with a known sequence Sc Ce Dm none Transgenes can be targeted to an endogenous locus by homologous recombination to create gene “knock-outs” Sc Ce Dm none Transposon mutagenesis is used to create gene disruption Sc Ce Dm none Plasmid shuffle is used to characterize lethal mutations Sc Ce Dm none Dominant embryonic lethal mutations can generally be maintained as a stock if a balancer chromosome is present 2. (16 points) Exposure of S. pombe to conditions of high osmolarity leads to the activation of atf1 + , a stress-induced transcription factor. A number of upstream genes in the signaling pathway, beginning with “Osmostress” and ending with “Atf1 induction” have been identified and have been ordered as follows based on epistasis analysis using both null and dominant gain-of-function alleles. osmostress win1+ wis1+ spc1+ Atf1 induction Atf1 is expressed in a dominant wis1-DD mutant, even in the absence of osmostress. Put an X in the appropriate boxes below to indicate which mutations you might identify as extragenic suppressors of the aberrant Aft expression phenotype conferred by the wis1-DD mutation. Note: an additional phenotype conferred by these suppressors may be no Atf1 expression even in the presence of osmostress. Recessive null
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MCB164 S08 MT 04 29 08 KEY - Name MCB164 Spring 2008 Page 1...

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