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MCB164+S08+ICE+2+key - female XX tra-1(wild type...

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MCB164 S08 Names of group members:_____Key_______________________ April 8, 2008 In class exercise #2 _____________________________ Score: __________ _____________________________ Using data given in the table below, predict the phenotypes of all viable F1 progeny arising from the cross that follows: Allele Phenotype Dom./ Rec. compared with wild type tra-1 XX hermaphrodite NA XO male tra-1(e1575) XX female dominant XO female dominant tra-1(e1099) XX male recessive XO male recessive ______________________________________________________ XO tra-1 (e1575)/tra-1(wild type) X XO tra-1 (e1099) / tra-1(e1099) F1 progeny will have the following genotypes XX tra-1 (e1575)/ tra-1 (e1099)
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Unformatted text preview: female XX tra-1 (wild type)/ tra-1 (e1099) hermaphrodite XO tra-1 (e1575)/ tra-1 (e1099) female XO tra-1 (wild type)/ tra-1 (e1099) male The correct ratio of sexes is 3 female: 2 males: 1 hermaphrodite, although full credit was given if the ratios were not reported. If you reported ½ females and ½ wild type this is correct since the sex of wild type animals is implicit. If you reported 3 females: 1 male : 1 male you got 8 points since you did not consider that XO: XX F1 progeny is 2:1. (NB: I made this mistake in class myself! Sometimes putting down too much information can get you into trouble)....
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