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MCB164 S08 Names of group members:_____Key_______________________ April 8, 2008 In class exercise #2 _____________________________ Score: __________ _____________________________ Using data given in the table below, predict the phenotypes of all viable F1 progeny arising from the cross that follows: Allele Phenotype Dom./ Rec. compared with wild type tra-1 XX hermaphrodite NA XO male tra-1(e1575) XX female dominant XO female dominant tra-1(e1099) XX male recessive XO male recessive ______________________________________________________ XO tra-1 (e1575)/tra-1(wild type) X XO tra-1 (e1099) / tra-1(e1099) F1 progeny will have the following genotypes XX tra-1 (e1575)/ tra-1 (e1099)
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Unformatted text preview: female XX tra-1 (wild type)/ tra-1 (e1099) hermaphrodite XO tra-1 (e1575)/ tra-1 (e1099) female XO tra-1 (wild type)/ tra-1 (e1099) male The correct ratio of sexes is 3 female: 2 males: 1 hermaphrodite, although full credit was given if the ratios were not reported. If you reported females and wild type this is correct since the sex of wild type animals is implicit. If you reported 3 females: 1 male : 1 male you got 8 points since you did not consider that XO: XX F1 progeny is 2:1. (NB: I made this mistake in class myself! Sometimes putting down too much information can get you into trouble)....
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