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MCB164 S08 Names of group members:____________________________ May 13, 2008 In class exercise #5 _____________________________ Score: ____KEY______ _____________________________ Shown below are two nonsister chromatids from homologous chromosomes. The top set (i) shows the position of the double-strand break that initiates crossover formation during meiosis. The chromatid shown in bold contains the sequence 5’TAT3’ which encodes a tyrosine (wild type) and the bottom chromatid contains a stop codon 5’TAG 3’ that creates truncated gene product. The bottom set (ii) is the
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Unformatted text preview: double-Holliday junction intermediate for DSB repair into crossover products that would form from (i). A. In the spaces below, write the DNA sequence that would correspond to each Watson and Crick strand as shown. Write all sequences 5’ 3’ a. TAG b. CTA c. ATA d. TAG B. Predict the segregation pattern Wild type: Mutant of an ordered octad from this recombination event. Assume no mismatch correction. a. 4:4 b. 5:3 c. 3:5 d. 6:2 e. 2:6 f. can’t tell 5’ TAT 3’ 3’ 5’ TAG Wild type Mutant i. ii. 3’ 5’ 3’ 5’ 3’ 5’ a b c d 5’ 3’...
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