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MCB164 S09 Names of group members:_____ _______________________ April 9 2009 In class exercise #2 _____________________________ Score: __KEY________ _____________________________ 1. A man with shrunken toenails marries a woman with normal nails. They have 4 sons, all of whom have normal toenails. A few years later the same couple has 4 girls and they all have shrunken toenails. What type of inheritance is suggested by this pattern: A. Autosomal recessive B. Autosomal dominant C. Y-linked D. X-linked dominant E. X-linked recessive 2. The normal eye color of Drosophila is red but a true-breeding brown-eyed strain is available. Similarly, wings are normally long but there are strains with short wings. If a
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Unformatted text preview: female with brown eyes and short wings is crossed to a male from a normal pure line, the F1 progeny consists of normal females and short winged males. If an F2 is produced by intercrossing the F1 males and females predict the fraction of F2 progeny that will have red eyes and short wings. Since males are the only sex affected by the short wing mutation, the inheritance is X-linked. The mutation causing the brown eyes is autosomal recessive The fraction of flies that have red eyes will be (3/4) The fraction of flies with short wings will be ½ The faction of flies with both phenotypes is (3/4) x (1/2) = 3/8...
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