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MCB164 S09 1 Practice problem 4/09/2009 MCB164 practice problem set #2 April 9, 2009 These problems are taken directly from exams and in class exercises from previous years. Some are from homework problems and these are much harder. Those will be indicated here. Your first homework project will be assigned after first midterm. Another set of practice problems will be posted next week. The first midterm is coming up. Only two more lectures to go. 1. (12 points) Mark each statement about C. elegans as either T (True) or F (False): _ _ ____ Males arise among progeny of a self-fertilizing XX hermaphrodite by one of several possible spontaneous nondisjunction events that can produces nullo-X gametes. ______ Dominant embryonic lethal mutations can generally be maintained as a stock if a balancer chromosome is present. ______ In the “green eggs and him” screen described in class, the him/him homozygous mutants are always male while him/+ are always hermaphrodite. ______ Gender in C. elegans is determined by the ratio of the number of X chromosomes to the number of autosomes. 2. How many gametes are formed per meiosis in female mammals? 3. You have just started a internship to study SGS1 in yeast. Write a 2-3 sentence excerpt from your e-mail to your best friend where you describe your new project using the following words correctly: mutation, allele, mutant, genotype, phenotype, haploid,
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MCB164S09+Practice+problems409 - MCB164 S09 Practice...

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