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Marketplace business simulation, Game Scenario, Strategy and Business Policy ~ 1 ~ Welcome to Marketplace You are about to start a new company that will enter the microcomputer business. You will be a totally integrated company that does it all from marketing to production to human resource management. You will have limited financial resources and complete accounting responsibility. As the executive team, you will provide the seed capital (investment money) to start your business. You can use this money to build a factory, open sales offices or a web site, and design brands. You will invest 2 million in the first quarter and another 1 million in each of the next two quarters. An additional 4 million will become available in quarter 4 from venture capitalists, for a total of 8 million. Your executive team has the next year and a half (6 quarters or decision periods) to get this company off the ground. Within this time frame, you should become a self-sufficient firm, earning substantial profits from your operations. A balanced scorecard will be used to measure your firm's performance and to compare your results with those of your competitors. The firm's total business performance will be based upon financial performance, market effectiveness, marketing performance, investment in the firm's future, human resource management, asset management and creation of wealth. Your goal is to be the best competitor in the marketplace. Virtual Business World Your company will be responsible for introducing a new line of microcomputers into Asia, United States, Canada and Europe. Within the PC industry, other firms will be entering the market at the same time as your company. The
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game-scenario-sbp - Copy (2) - Marketplace business...

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