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IS Homework 4 - my cases and clients organized I have...

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Daniel Hart IS 324 Dr. Crisp 30 April 2008 Homework 4 Once I graduate from ACU and law school, I want to become an attorney. This job is attractive to me because it is always interesting and lawyers always have to solve new and exciting problems. Also, I think that as an attorney I will have a chance to help others by providing them with honest and cheap legal advice even if it means sacrificing some of my income. I believe that I possess many skills that will allow me to excel as an attorney such as intelligence, integrity, the ability to communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly through writing and speaking, and a great interest in the field. I will stay up on business and system trends by keeping up-to-date technology that will enable me to keep
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Unformatted text preview: my cases and clients organized. I have learned a plethora of things in this course, but one thing that I think will stick with and help me in the future as I pursue my career is the IS component framework. This concept is memorable to me because it showed me that not one single aspect business is more important than the others. To run a business smoothly, it is important to make sure that all aspects of the IS component framework are working cohesively and that no one component overshadows the others. This will be useful for me in the future if I ever wish to run my own firm and become a business owner as well as an attorney....
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