Cell Cycle Regulation Cheat Sheet

Cell Cycle Regulation Cheat Sheet - Cell Cycle Regulation...

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Cell Cycle Regulation Cheat Sheet: Ok, here’s the warning. This might not be all you need to know about cell cycle control, but I feel like it’s a great place to start. It should provide you 90+% of what you need. Just make sure that you study your notes in addition to this cheat-sheet. I really feel that some of these concepts need pictures to accompany them, but I will try to explain things as best as possible using words. Please refer to your notes, or find somebody who attends my sections – they’ve got all the pictures for these words: Cells start in the Gap1 (G1) phase where they grow and finally decide to start the process of division. They enter Synthesis (S) phase, where the cell replicates its genome. The cell then enters the Gap2 (G2) phase where it makes sure that the replication has occurred correctly and it gets ready to undergo cell division. Finally, these cells enter mitosis (M) phase. Each of these steps contains many checkpoints, and the procession of cells through these phases is highly complex and intricately coordinated. You only need to concern yourself with how a cell enters M phase (a late G2 event), and how the cell progresses through M phase. This is described in greater detail below: Gap2: Entry into Mitosis: During G2, Cyclin B is constantly being synthesized, and its levels are slowly rising throughout the cell. When they encounter Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 1 (Cdk1), it will bind to it and form a complex that is sometimes referred to as Mitosis Promoting Factor (MPF). However, it is still too early to enter
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Cell Cycle Regulation Cheat Sheet - Cell Cycle Regulation...

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